The Highliner Mission Statement


Free expression matters. The Highliner is a student lead publication, written by students for students. We want to represent a voice, and we, as a team, want to represent the Middle Grades. We will try our best to produce content that is not only important for our students, but is also interesting.

However, The Highliner does not lean toward the students’ or faculties’ opinions. We are a publication who serves truth, stories, and student art. In doing so, we hope to explore what life is like for a Middle Grades student at Avenues, what problems they face, and the response to these problems, both inside and outside of Avenues. The MG Highliner will provide a snapshot into the life of an average middle schooler, and create a space for open discussions about difficult and nuanced problems here at Avenues. We hope to answer the questions of our Middle Grades community with utmost integrity and truthfulness.

We serve neither students, nor faculty no administration, we serve the stories that emerge in our community and we work to give those stories significance.

-Highliner Managing Board.

Highliner Materials

We use Adobe InDesign to create the magazine, Google accounts, and we use a publishing company to print for us.